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Swim Spa Design

woamn in tub.jpg

Each element of the elaborated design of our swim spas has its function and purpose. The handrails above the counter-current and alongside the walls enable various exercises but it also provides support to young beginner swimmers.


The levelled bottom with anti slip surface is used for easy and safe movement in the swim spa and its graphic structure also simplifies the orientation under the water. The steps are not designed only for entering the pool but they are shaped for comfortable seating, lying and relaxation at the hydromassage jets.

lem-swim-spa (1).jpg

Comfort in case of swim spa has wider context. The axially symmetrical shape of the shell ensures correct water flow from counter-current, which positively affects swimming and even water maintenance. The shell upper part of our swim spas has an inverted shape in order to prevent the overflowing of billowy water.


Technically demanding solution in the form of the shell flat lip is not only an elegant design element. Due to the flat lip, the cover adheres well and minimizes the vapour and energy losses. Additionally, it is possible to use the USSPA original mechanical or automatic cover.


The design of a swim spa is more than just the shell. The unique style of the USSPA design is applied even to the smallest of details such as the controller elements and the iNvision® display. Many of the swim spa features can be adapted to suit the specific requirements and wishes of the future owner.


The cover heads the individualisation possibilities as it can be an absolute original at its automatic version. The unique Steelo design represents the surface made of metal sheet varnished in any colour.

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