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Swim Spa Hydro Therapy


Swimming is a very gentle way of staying in shape. It has positive effects on the cardiovascular system. Exercising and swimming in warm water is a proven method to treat movement disorders, muscle and joint pains; it brings major relief to people suffering from arthritis. Moving in warm water swim spa is good for both adults and children.


The W-flow counter-current system with optimal distribution consists of six Swim Jet jets. It enables regular swimming while upholding the body of the swimmer. You may control it in several ways thus choosing the intensity of the counter-current you want to swim against. Moreover, the direction of each jet is adjustable. Counter-current driven by 3 pumps, the counter-current capacity is up to 3,000 litres per minute! Only swim spa will allow you to experience the feeling of swimming, with your entire body, in a strong "river" current.


The access to the pool is via steps that may also be sat and lied upon comfortably. Moreover they are fitted with hydro massaging jets. The actual swim spa therefore provides a number of options for basic hydrotherapy.


The handle above the counter-current is a great tool for various aquatic exercises whether taken in the counter-current or in calm water. Along its entire length, the swim spa is rimmed with shaped handles, which, along with slip bottom covering, ensure safe movement inside the swim spa.

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